This is a legal and political consultancy firm started after long years experience of active politics. Founder of Vichardhara Consultancy is Mr. Ajay Goswami who is a Law graduate from Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune and did his masters in Law from Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur. Ajay himself is politically active since his college days and started his journey of political activist as a student leader and contested and won student election at university level in pune. His keen knowledge, interest and understanding of grassroot politics lead him to take parts in certain universities elections as a campaigner.

Further in year 2015 he contested panchayat election on the post of panch i.e. very first step of democracy and get elected as a ward panch of Rajasthan’s Largest Gram Panchayat Kudi Bhagtasani. He further elected as Chairman, Social Service and Social Justice Standing Committee of Gram Panchayat. During his current tenure of panchayat he made certain landmark efforts for cleanliness, and environment awareness.

He also initiated a campaing for panchayati raj empowerment which later on turned into an organization namely “Rajasthan Gram Panch Mahasangh” which is an organization of elected panchs of gram panchayats of rajasthan state. He is elected as president of said organization unanimously by hundreds of ward panch from various panchayat and today under his leadership this organization is reached to several districts of Rajasthan and continuously emerging as a strong grassroot power of democracy as it could be said that it is a largest group of Elected Representative in Rajasthan for the obvious reason of the total number of post of Panch collectively in every village panchayat of Rajasthan.

Professionally Ajay Goswami is a practicing Lawyer who started his Law Practice from Delhi where he got chance to work in Supreme Court, High Court of Delhi and various Tribunals in Delhi and got good exposure at initial level for 2 years and thereafter in year 2013 he shifted to his home town jodhpur to work in Rajasthan High Court, Jodhpur and since then he is working in jodhpur and his practice of law concentrate especially on Writs Matters, PIL Matters and Criminal Law Matters in Rajasthan High Court and it’s subordinate courts.

Ajay Goswami’s social, political and professional experience of so many years led him to work for upliftment of vulnerable section of society and he strongly believe that it is possible when people get at least basic awareness of their fundamental rights, duties and powers. In a democratic country politics plays the most important role where voice of people is supreme, so it is very much important for voters as well as election contesters to know what actually they are doing, why they are doing and what would be its consequences. Because at the end of the day it is going to effect the politics and politics going to effect the growth of nation. Thus, Ajay Goswami with the vision to serve the nation by making efforts to build the level of politics in true sense for the betterment of citizen of nation, took decision to start the Vichardhara Consultancy, whereby political candidates can be educated, trained as well as can get strategic help to win the election to serve democracy truly.